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Computer Games + Marine Biology!

On Friday, I had the opportunity to join UCSC's Scholars Play Twitch stream to play Subnautica, a game in which you crash land on an ocean-dominated alien world and have to survive (there's also a compelling storyline). I've sunk a fair number of hours into the game (pun intended), and I've also thought a lot about how the ecosystem and animals portrayed compare to those on Earth. So I was ecstatic about the chance to combine two things I love: computer games and marine biology!

During the stream, Isaac and I commentated while Jasmine "drove" -- and while we played, we also talked about topics such as the organisms and biomes we were seeing, my job as a marine biologist, and our fav marine organisms. It was a blast and I hope to participate in more in the future! Watch the full stream below.

If you have any nature/biology game recommendations, let me know!



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