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Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay Area Subunit of the American Fisheries Society

The mission of SCMBAS is to foster networking, promote fisheries research, and broaden the public's understanding and knowledge of fisheries. We run all sorts of cool events throughout the year in Santa Cruz county -- come join us! Past events have included an innovative fish-themed storytelling event at a local business; social happy hours; stream cleanups and restorations, mixers with other scientific organizations, brown bag lunch talks, and more! Check us out at our website and FB page

Leadership positions held:

2020-2021: Co-President

2018-2019: Past-President

2017-2018: President

2016-2017: Public Relations/Web Development

Subunit awards:

2020 Outstanding Western Division Subunit

2019 Outstanding Subunit (National Level)

2019 Outstanding Western Division Subunit

2018 Outstanding Subunit (National Level)

2018 Outstanding Western Division Subunit

2017 Outstanding Western Division Subunit

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