Katherine Dale / 130 McAllister Way, Santa Cruz CA 95060 
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Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary

Topics covered: Evolution, adaptation, and diversity of California's birds and mammals

Ages: 3rd-5th grade

Roles: Myself, along with my advisor and a research technician in our lab, designed and implemented a course on birds and mammals of California. The program consisted of 5 1-hour after-school classes.

Seymour Marine Discovery Center

Topics covered: Fish morphology, California ecosystems, California native fish, adaptation

Ages: 5-7

Roles: Helped to design one new activities; taught one "mini-lesson"; assisted with other activities

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz

Topics covered: Fish morphology, morphological adaptations; how to take/record data; methods used to study fish (preserved specimens, clearing and staining, etc)

Ages: 6-15

Roles: Designed 2/3 activities; led and organized outreach team; led classroom activities