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Society for the Study of Evolution: Adaptation of Bird Beaks

Topics covered: Evolution and adaptation of bird beaks

Ages: 3rd-5th and 5th-8th grade (two modules)

Roles: Myself, along with Pauline Blaimont and C. Sette, were awarded a grant to construct a series of "bird beak evolution" kits. Our self-contained module uses combines videos, games, hypothesis development, data visualization, and scientific illustration of 3D printed bird skulls to teach students about bird beak evolution and adaptation.


Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary: California's Birds and Mammals

Topics covered: Evolution, adaptation, and diversity of California's birds and mammals

Ages: 3rd-5th grade

Roles: Myself, along with my advisor and a research technician in our lab, designed and implemented a course on birds and mammals of California. The program consisted of 5 1-hour after-school classes.

Seymour Marine Discovery Center: Fish Morphology

Topics covered: Fish morphology, California ecosystems, California native fish, adaptation

Ages: 5-7

Roles: Helped to design one new activities; taught one "mini-lesson"; assisted with other activities

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz: Fish Morphology

Topics covered: Fish morphology, morphological adaptations; how to take/record data; methods used to study fish (preserved specimens, clearing and staining, etc)

Ages: 6-15

Roles: Designed 2/3 activities; led and organized outreach team; led classroom activities

Other Outreach:

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